Desa Rose Bows Ambassador

We will be picking 5-10 ambassadors per term to represent and spread the love for our bows on their social media accounts. Each ambassador will be shipped 1 free bow a month & will also be given a referral code to share which will give them the opportunity to win free products. Each term will be 3 months long, however we reserve the right to extend contracts to 6 month terms depending on how many referrals an ambassador brings in. We also reserve the right to cancel any contract if responsibilities are not being met. 

Who are Desa Rose Ambassadors?

  • Someone who loves Desa Rose Bows 
  • Someone who likes posting on social media and has a decent following however we are looking for quality over quantity on all social media accounts
  • Someone who is an athlete in a sport that wears our bows (cheer, dance, softball, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Someone who is a good role model and has a positive outlook on life
  • Someone who is uplifting and a leader in the community 
  • Someone who will be willing to post online 2x a week about Desa Rose Bowtique and share their excitement about our bows with their followers
  • Must be 8-20 yrs of age and have a public Instagram account
  • Be willing to refrain from advertising/ promoting other competing brands


  • Post on social media 2x a week (8 times a month) Pictures could be:
  • You receiving your bow 
    You wearing your bow in any setting
    A picture of your bow

  • Use these hash tags on all posts
  • #Desarosebows

  • Spread the word and recruit new people to your ambassador referral team
  • You MUST have at least an Instagram account

Representing the Company as an Ambassador

As an Ambassador representative of the Desa Rose Bowtique, promotional team members are not permitted to advertise, post or promote for any other bow companies or products that compete with Desa Rose Bowtique. We understand that in certain circumstances you may be wearing a bow by another company in pictures, this will be permissible as long as you are not advertising hair bows for them.

 If you think a company may be a conflict of interest, please check with us before applying.


 Positive Image

All public content must be age appropriate.

All of your social media profiles must be


If selected, you will be a representative of our company 24/7, not just while wearing one of our bows or posting a picture advertising. DRB reserves the right to ask representatives to remove posts from their social media feeds if they appear to be

conflicting with the company’s image. Representatives may be removed from the program for not adhering to this guideline.



It is possible to be removed from the promotional team for reasons such as:

•Inappropriate social media posts


•Illegal activity

•Drug & alcohol usage

•Failure to follow rules & guidelines

•At the request of a Coach/Gym Owner

 Reports of promo team members engaging in any of the above activities will be taken seriously and investigated fully.

 Promo Team members are a direct reflection of our company, therefore inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. If a representative is dismissed from the program, they will not be eligible to reapply in the future. All decisions of the DRB are final